The Deaf Club Movie

The Deaf Club

Did you miss the movie back in the Spring?  Here’s your chance to see it in September!!  It got fantastic reviews from people who saw it!  Any questions, email us at  Come on out and see it!

The Deaf Club

Please click on The Deaf Club link then click on the image “Eventbrite” on the flyer.  It will let you pay for your tickets using PayPal or you can just come and pay at the door!  See you there!


St. Patrick’s Day Party

There will be a St. Patrick’s Day Fundraising Party on March 14, 2015 at Swooboda Deaf Center!  The time is from 12 Noon to 5pm.  Catering Food from VFW:  Delicious Corned Beef and Fried Chicken, Boiled Baby Red Potatoes, Cabbage Carrots, House Salad, Marbles Rye Bread and Homemade Desserts will be provided!  Early Bird Special!!!  The cost is Adult $20 dollars and Kids $15 dollars (Age 4 – 11) ONLY til February 28th.  After February 28th until March 7th, the price will go up for Adults will be $25 dollars and Kids $20 dollars.  Just a REMINDER that there will be NO door admission.  Also there will be fun games and 50/50 Raffles.  Come and join us!!

New Year’s Eve Party 2013

KODA Illinois is hosting New Year’s Eve Party on December 31, 2013 at the Holiday Inn Express in Palatine, IL.   At the “Upcoming Events” Tab, there is a flyer about the party.  Come and join us!  Any questions, please contact us at   If you want to pay by using PAYPAL, click on the DONATIONS/PAYPAL Info tab at the top.


KODA Illinois hosted KODA Bash on May 19, 2012 at Bourbon Street Restaurant.  It was a fun and lively event with approximately 150 adults and children in attendance.  Delicious buffet and unlimited drinks were served along with Juan Vietorisz’s famous desserts.  Kevin Smith and Mike Mokris entertained the audience with hilarious jokes, stories and songs in ASL.  Over 25 themed raffle baskets were skillfully assembled by Barbara Keiner and Jean Modry. Three lucky winners received grand prizes through the raffle tickets (7 days vacation anywhere in USA, 31″ TV, and digital camera).  The KODAs had a blast time dancing to music provided by Jim Finnigan’s DJ 2 Xtreme while adults enjoyed mingling around with drinks.  KODA Illinois was proud to donate $3,000 to KODA Camp Midwest from this fundraising event.

The KODA Illinois board acknowledges and appreciates Chicago Club of the Deaf for their sponsorship. Chicago Hearing Society and CAIRS donated the interpreting hours which was appreciated by all present.

The KODA Illinois board also extends a special thank you to our volunteers who supported this event. This event would have not been made possible without the help of the following individuals:

Julie Boos
Marlene Brady
Cindy Crump
Caroline Depcik
Rita Depcik
Larry Dunn
Maureen Dunn
Shirley Galvin
Teri Hedding
Jim Finnigan
Nancy Hayes
Barbara Kiener
Jay Lo
Mike Mokris
Jean Modry
Lauren Mueller
Carol Mullis
Laura Murphy
Sue Petrich
Kevin Smith
Brian Somers
Julie Somers
Steve Trapp
Juan Vietorisz
Eileen Wagner

Finally, the KODA Illinois board gives special recognition to businesses and individuals who helped make our KODA Bash fundraiser a success through their generous donations.

Jennifer Addante
Tina Bishops
Marlene Brady
Brookfield Zoo — Chicago Zoological Society
Brunswick Zone Bowling
Cheesecake Factory
Chuck E. Cheese
Chi Tung Restaurant
Costco’s Wholesale
Dairy Queen
Dick’s Sporting Goods
Caroline Depcik
Lawrence Dunn
Maureen Dunn
Home Depot
Flat Top Grill
Harvey Kaufman
Jennifer Kelly
Debbie Koll
Sue Klytta (Deaf-friendly Avon Rep:
Alex Kovacs
Mark & Kate Kubey
Lake House Restaurant
Lombard Roller Rink
Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria
Jean Modry
Lauren Mueller
Carol Mullis
Kathy Nied
Linda Nielsen
Oak Lawn Hilton Inn Hotel
Oberweis Dairy
Bob Paul
Kerian Peters
Sue Petrich
Posh Pets Day Spa
Kelly Redmond
Route 66 Liquor Store
Shedd Aquarium
Kevin Smith
Sybaris Pool Suite
SooHyun Tak
Sorenson VRS
The Patio
Trader Joe’s
Joseph Varansoke
Juan Vietorisz
Shirley Wehking
Wolf’s Bakery
Susan Zahller

Here’s the pictures of the KODA Bash! Enjoy!

The pictures below are some of the raffles and silent auctions gifts.

KODA Illinois is pleased to announce that our very first event, KODA Fest on February 25, 2012, was a huge success beyond our expectations. Approximately 150 people, adults, and children came to this event. They enjoyed several activities such as ice breaker games, KODA talks, crafts, and Ababadabadoo show by Alan Abarbenell. Parents had the opportunity to learn more about new Sorenson products that was shared by Barry Jenson from Sorenson. Karen Dishno, camp director from KODA Camp Midwest came from Wisconsin to talk about the Koda Camp Midwest. The bake sale was a hit, thanks to Juan Vietorisz’s famous cookies! We also appreciate those who have attended the event to support KODA Camp Midwest. Six hundred dollars ($600) will be given to KODA Camp Midwest.

We want to acknowledge and appreciate Harper College’s Deaf Program and Sorenson for their sponsorship.

We also want to thank the volunteers who came to this event to help us out. This event would have not been made possible without the help of these sponsors and volunteers listed below:

Brent Baker
Cindy Crump
Karen Dishno
Shelley Engstrom Kestel
Aimee Forte
Stephanie Fraga
Nancy Hayes
Celine Hoegler
Lindsay Koedyker
Jay Lo
Jean Modry
Lauren Mueller
Laura Murphy
Christy Nichols
Maureen Makela
Sue Petrich
Roy Pyers
Maggie Ritter
Debby Sampson
Judi Stuber
Juan Vietorisz
Allyson Wenitworth

Finally, we want to give special recognition to CODA organization and Alan Abarbanell for their generous support!  KODA would not have been here without CODA’s existence!

Here are the pictures from the KODA Kids Fest.


Mission Statement and Goals

KODA Illinois’ mission statement is to promote awareness about KODAs (Kids of Deaf Adults).  KODAs under 18 years old are often raised in the Deaf household and are familiar with Deaf Culture.  They face a challenge of trying to find their identity and belongingness as they grow up in both worlds — hearing world and deaf world.  KODA Illinois strives to provide activities and resources to help KODAs bond and share unique experiences and allow KODAs gain understanding and confidence in their identity as Kids of Deaf Adults.

Two Goals:

  1. To do some fundraising to allow opportunities for KODAs to attend KODA camps.
  2. To provide activities for KODAs.

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